The Grout Doctor Brand

Our History

For many years there had been a demand for someone to do grout repair and minor tile repairs. The Grout Doctor® was founded to fill that niche in the market place.  Our Founder, James Baity, developed a system that made it possible to teach tile and grout repair to people of all backgrounds. 

Mr. Baity first recognized the strong need for grout and tile maintenance services after working in the tile industry for many years.  His experience included working for large tile companies as a tile setter and as a manager and then as a self-employed tile contractor.  In 2001, Grout Doctor Global Franchise Corp. was formed and we began selling franchises around the country.  Mr. Baity retired from the Grout Doctor in 2007.

Our Memberships

As a member of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) we've positioned ourselves to have a direct association with, and easy access to, some of the most committed professionals in our industry.

Free Estimate

To ensure you receive the highest level of service on the day we provide your tile, stone or grout service, the Grout Doctor offers FREE ESTIMATES prior to scheduling your work.

The estimate is important as it not only provides you with an estimated price; it also ensures that your Grout Doctor arrives with the proper tools and supplies to efficiently complete your service.

 Most estimates take between 10 to 20 minutes. Estimates are scheduled at your convenience and they are FREE.  Request a FREE Estimate 


The Grout Doctor® uses professional grade, proprietary cleaners and sealers.

We have teamed with one of the nation’s largest chemical companies and have worked side-by-side with their chemist to develop a line of cleaners and sealers that meet the specific needs of our industry.  All Grout Doctor labeled products are environmentally safe.

For years, our customers have been asking what they should use to maintain their tile, grout and stone surfaces.  We again teamed with our chemical company to develop a Grout Doctor consumer product line.  Our consumer products are concentrates that need to be diluted prior to use.  When Grout Doctor products are used in conjunction with our professional services, they will aid in maintaining your tile, stone and grout for many years.  More information

Join the Team

We are a nationally supported network of Grout Doctors operating since 1992.  If you are tired of your current employment situation and interested in learning about owning a Grout Doctor franchise  Click Here