Grout Doctor Stone Cleaner & Protector

KitchenGrout Doctor Stone Cleaner & Protector is the ideal maintenance product for cleaning everyday messes and spills.  As it cleans, it simultaneously refreshes, revitalizes and rejuvenates the fine finish, spill repellency and appearance of your stone surface investment.

Formulated specifically for cleaning stone surfaces, Grout Doctor Stone Cleaner & Protector does not contain harmful mineral dissolving agents contained in most surface cleaners.

Keep Your Shower Sparkling Clean


ShowerGrout Doctor Shower Cleaner is excellent for everyday use on ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile.

Our shower cleaner is specially formulated to cut through body oils and waxes found in bath soaps.

When not removed, body oils and soap residue are leading contributors in the retention of moisture in your shower leading to mildew build-up.

Protect the Sealant on Your Grout


Grout Doctor Neutral Cleaner is perfect for everyday use on ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile and, in most cases, can also be used on natural stone surfaces. It cuts and suspends dirt and grease and leaves floors and other tiled surfaces sparkling clean.

Grout Doctor Neutral Cleaner contains no acids and will not damage sealers or grout colorants.  It is the cleaner recommended by Grout Doctors following a professional service.


Grout Doctor uses only proprietary, premium grade cleaners and sealers that have been developed to meet the specific needs of our industry.

Our proprietary products are:

• Environmentally safe

• Tested through field experience and refined to our exact specifications

Grout Doctor Cleaners are designed to loosen and emulsify soils and stains to facilitate soil removal, dissolve calcium carbonate and remove the embedded soil layer in the most extreme tile and grout cleaning situation, thereby renewing the surface of the grout.