Keep Your Shower Sparkling Clean


ShowerGrout Doctor Shower Cleaner is excellent for everyday use on ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile.

Our shower cleaner is specially formulated to cut through body oils and waxes found in bath soaps.

When not removed, body oils and soap residue are leading contributors in the retention of moisture in your shower leading to mildew build-up.

 Grout Doctor Shower Cleaner cleans mineral scale and soap scum residue from tile, while also removing embedded stains from your grout, keeping your shower sparkling clean.

Grout Doctor Shower Cleaner is a concentrate and should be diluted by mixing 6 ounces of cleaner into 24 ounces of water. Each quart of cleaner dilutes to make over 5 quarts of cleaner.

Grout Doctor Shower Cleaner is economical and available in two sizes.

Start-Up Kit includes:

  • One quart of Shower Cleaner Concentrate
  • One empty spray bottle for mixing and applying cleaner
  • One grout brush

Or Order:

The economy sized one gallon refill.

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This product is 99% Green from the bottle.