Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I seal my grout?

High traffic areas require cleaning and sealing at least once per year.

Is steam cleaning safe for my tile and grout?

We do not recommend steam cleaning your grout. Multiple steam cleanings will cause damage to the integrity of your grout.  Some grout manufacturers will not honor warranties on grout that has been steam cleaned.

Does steam cleaning really sanitize my tile surfaces?

Steam cleaning does sanitize your tile installations, but only until you use them again. It is a momentary sanitation that comes at the expense of the integrity of your grout.

What is causing my grout to crack and chip away?

There can be a number of reasons that grout cracks and chips away. Some of the most common reasons are:

a. The grout used was not up to standard;

b. The proper proportions were not used when mixing the grout;

c. The tile and grout were improperly installed.

d. Loose tiles are present.

Can chips on my tub surface be repaired?

Yes, some Grout Doctors have been trained in chip repair. Check with your local Grout Doctor.

Can you repair the crack in the bottom of my bathtub?

In most cases the cracks can be repaired. Some Grout Doctors have been trained in repairing the structure and installing an inlay. This removes the need and expense of replacing the tub and, in some cases, your tile.

This service is not available at all locations.  Check with your local Grout Doctor.

How can I keep my shower doors from getting a buildup of hard water spots?

Dry your shower doors after use. A quick wipe with your towel will work wonders.

Also see information on EnduroShield Permanent Protective coating.


What do I need to do to prepare for you to come and do work?

a.  In bathrooms, we recommend that you remove all small personal items as well as linens and rugs.

b.  When having floor work done, we recommend that you remove all small items and furniture from the area and sweep or vacuum the area.  If you are having closet floors done, please make sure the floor is empty.

Are you insured?

All Grout Doctor Franchisees are required to have liability insurance.

Now that the Grout Doctor has completed his work, how do I maintain the new look:

We recommend the use of Grout Doctor products to maintain your renewed look.

a. After regrouting your shower or tub area, we recommend Grout Doctor Shower Cleaner. Read More>>>

b. After recaulking your shower, tub or counter top areas, we recommend Grout Doctor Shower Cleaner. Read More>>>

c. After cleaning and sealing or recoloring?

d. After natural stone services?

How long will this last?

Check with your Grout Doctor. Each service has a different life-expectancy.

What are we doing wrong? Why is my shower and bathroom so moldy?

Moisture is the biggest enemy of your shower and bathroom. Be sure your bathroom is well ventilated and dry your shower after using it. Something as simple as leaving your shower door open after showering can greatly reduce mold and mildew.

When can you do the job?

When you decide that you want the Grout Doctor to perform a service for you, he/she will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.  Check with your local Grout Doctor when you have your job estimated.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Many Grout Doctors accept credit cards.  Check with your local Grout Doctor.

What about my children and my pets? Are the chemicals you use harmful to them?

Grout Doctors use environmentally safe products that should cause no problems for the elderly, children or your pets. On rare occasions, a product may be used that is harsh. Your Grout Doctor will advise you in advance if there is a need to take any special precautions.