7 Home Office Decorating Ideas to Maximize Space and Productivity

7 Home Office Decorating Ideas to Maximize Space and Productivity

Nov 4, 2022 | Grout Tips | 0 comments

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Creating the ideal home office space can be challenging, particularly if you only have limited space with which to work. Ideally, your home office should be a space which is both creative and productive. It should be an area in which you feel motivated to work, whilst also relaxed and comfortable. Here are 7 top tips to help you decorate your home office to promote creativity and maximize space.

1. Increase Natural Lighting

Allowing natural lighting to enter your workspace is a simple and effective way of helping a small space to feel much bigger. The natural lighting will also help you to feel more alert and energized. Working beside a window can be especially motivating and help you to stay connected with the outdoors. If you’re looking to maintain privacy whilst allowing more sunlight into your workspace, consider applying non-adhesive frosted film to your windows.

2. Add A Splash Of Color

Adding some pops of color to your workspace can help it to feel more inspiring and enticing to work in. You could add in a bold, feature wall against a more neutral furniture color scheme. This will create more depth to the space and help to make it feel more spacious. Alternatively, you could select a single item, such as a filing cabinet or chair, to add a splash of color to your workspace and make it feel more vibrant. Another popular choice is to choose a single color which speaks to you and which you find calming, yet motivating, and decorate your entire workspace around this theme.

3. Add Plants

Plants have been shown to help soothe anxiety and help to create a more positive and productive environment. Moreover, they also help to provide cleaner air and can be used to make a small space feel more inviting. Add one or two, low-maintenance plants to your workspace to create a more relaxing environment in which to work.

4. Choose A Statement Rug

One area which can be easily neglected is your floorspace. A colorful or statement rug can add a splash of color and chic to a workspace, helping to instantly transform it.

“In small workspace areas, statement rugs can help to define and separate the space from the rest of the room. If you’re looking to create a more textured effect, pair a dramatic rug with simple, neutral furniture,” says Jennifer McCreight, a lifestyle blogger at Britstudent and Nextcoursework .

5. Utilize Vertical Space

When you have limited space to work with, it’s essential to optimize as much of it as possible, including all vertical space available. Consider using a variety of storage options, such as cabinets up to the ceiling, wall hanging pin boards, cork boards and floating shelves and storage units. You can use these for storage, as well as for displays. If you’re very limited for space, you could even opt for a fold-out desk.

6. Be Inspired By Hygge Style

A successful workspace is one in which you feel comfortable, as well as productive. Take inspiration from the hygge style by decorating your workspace in neutral colors and natural wood and adding some blankets, throws and cushions for comfort. Above all, make sure that you choose a chair which is supportive, but also comfortable.

7. Add A Gallery Wall

Creating a personalized space will enable you to feel more inspired and motivated to work. Adding a gallery wall can be a simple and effective way to achieve this. You can use photographs, inspiring artwork or even inspirational quotes.

“Spend some time experimenting with the ideal layout, before putting it up on your wall. You can also use removable wall strips for added flexibility,” suggests Ryan Thompson, a writer at 1Day2Write and Write My X . “Gallery walls tend to be most dynamic when paired against a neutral-colored wall.”


By considering all aspects of a workspace, including flooring and vertical space, you can create a beautiful and inspirational workspace in even the smallest of spaces. Natural lighting and pops of color can help a small space feel bigger. On the other hand, plants, natural materials and personalized gallery walls can help to create a more calming and motivating environment. Even small changes can transform your workspace into a productive and welcoming space you won’t want to leave!

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