How to Choose the Right Grout Color.

How to Choose the Right Grout Color.

Nov 4, 2022 | Grout Tips | 0 comments

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When decorating, people often forget how vital grout is for the overall look.

When decorating their apartment, people often forget how vital grout is for the overall look. Sure, they take their time picking the perfect tiles and choosing the proper shower curtains, but grout is often overlooked or simply added as an afterthought. This is not only bad because grout is an essential part of your bathroom’s insulation, but it is also wrong because grout can have a massive impact on how your bathroom looks. So, let’s take a more in-depth look into how to choose the right grout color.


Choose the right grout color

When choosing the right grout color, you need to keep in mind a couple of factors. Luckily, these factors remain the same for any other color you wish to put in a specific space. If you have any knowledge or experience with interior design, the following should be intuitive and easy to follow.

Understand the size

The first thing to consider is whether you want your bathroom to feel more spacious. Of course,  everyone enjoys the feel of a luxurious bathroom . But, if your bathroom is luxurious as is, there is not much reason to make it feel any larger. If, on the other hand, it is relatively modest in size, you can consider using grout that blends into your tiles.


If you choose the right grout color, you can make your bathroom seem much larger.

For instance, if you have white tiles, going with white grout is bound to give them a seamless transition. This seamless transition tricks the eye into seeing the bathroom tiles as one continual space. Such an effect gives the bathroom a feel of being more spacious than it is.

Add patterns

Another way to make your bathroom seem larger through grout color is to choose the contrasting color of your tiles. This, as it turns out, creates the increased pattern effect, which also helps make space seem bigger. The idea behind this is that increasing the contrast makes the tile patterns stand out more. And, because they stand out, they naturally draw in the viewer’s attention. This is important because the more attention something draws in, the bigger our brains perceive it to be. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why having emphasized patterns with grout works.

Cool vs warm undertones

This trick can work, but it needs to be in line with the rest of your bathroom. Namely, it would help if you considered the undertones in your bathroom. Do you have warm undertones that give your bathroom a feeling of coziness and warmth? Or do you have cold undertones that give your bathroom the feeling of openness and freshness? If you have cold undertones, you need to continue using cold colors for grout. Blue, gray, and various iterations of these are excellent choices, and they help your bathroom feel much more open and fresh. By a similar token, if you are using warm undertones, we would suggest that you also pick grout with a fairly warm color. That way, you can enhance the general feel of the bathroom.

Other colors in your bathroom

One of the most important aspects to consider is that grout and tiles are not the only factors in your bathroom. From its doors to shelves or appliances, every detail of it will play a role in the final look. Ideally, you want to pick colors that are different but have a similar idea behind them. For instance, if you are using natural colors like blue or green, feel free to mix them up. But, don’t add metallic or overly bring colors. Too many hues can easily make your bathroom seem busy and simply ugly.


Beautiful bathrooms always have a distinct color palette.

The critical distinction to make here is between contrast and variety. You want to have contrasting colors in your bathroom, as this brings interest but maintains the vibe. You don’t want to have too much variety as that only makes your bathroom look cluttered. So, pick a style and stick to it throughout all bathroom elements.

Lighting plays a significant role

The final aspect you need to consider is lighting. The ideal scenario is to have big windows that let in plenty of natural light. This not only gives you the best possible ventilation but also makes your bathroom look beautiful. So, if you are remodeling your bathroom, consider adding either an extra window or a larger one. If you fear that this will prolong your remodeling, know that there is a  perfect place for your belongings  until it is done. So, rent a storage unit and devote your full attention to remodeling your bathroom.


Large windows are always a welcomed addition to any bathroom.

If you cannot have natural lighting, there are two options to consider. Yellow light and blue light. Generally, if your priority is to visually increase the size of your bathroom, you should go with blue light. It not only gives your bathroom a more sterile look but also helps emphasize the cold undertones. On the other hand, if you feel that coziness is more important, stick with yellow. Considering how different colored lightbulbs are relatively cheap, you can try both of them and see which one suits you best.

Final thoughts on bathroom design

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how to choose the right grout color. But, we still feel it necessary to mention how essential it is to have a peaceful, beautiful bathroom. People often forget that a bathroom is not only a place for you to wash up or do your business. Your bathroom can be a calming place where you come to destress and relax.  When designed with some thought and care , bathrooms can become a self-care sanctuary.

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