Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response and Customer Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response and Customer Information

Jan 6, 2023 | Grout Tips | 0 comments

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We are continuing to take steps to adjust our business to the rapidly changing Covid-19 pandemic. We are issuing a public statement because the health and safety of our network, staff, and customers is our utmost priority. You will be able to find updated information here as the crisis unfolds.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response and Customer Information

Our Services are Needed Now More Than Ever!

We are still open for business.  Protecting and restoring surfaces in your home is our top priority.  We want you to know we are committed to safely and effectively performing the services you engage us to do.  We will never come to your house if one of our technicians is feeling sick or unhealthy. We will simply call you and ask to re-schedule your job.  If we do arrive at your house, and we find that you may be sick, we will ask to re-schedule your job. If you are feeling sick and know that we have an appointment for an estimate of a job, please call us at your earliest convenience to re-schedule.

As a normal course of business, our technicians wash their hands BEFORE ever entering a customer residence.  We will wear booties and protective gloves when appropriate and we use drop cloths to keep the area we work in free of dust, dirt, and debris.  We clean up after every job.


Wash your hands frequently.  Use hot water and soap if possible – or hand sanitizer.  Be vigilant about interacting with others if anyone is exhibiting symptoms of sickness.  Keep your home clean by wiping down surfaces with appropriate disinfectants.


It has never been a more important time to promote healthy surfaces throughout your home.

Probiotic Infused Cleaning Products are just what the doctor ordered!!

Humans and bacteria have co-existed together for thousands of years.  Many bacteria actually help us maintain a healthy and resistant immune system.

Probiotics are used to help keep a healthy digestive system by replacing “bad” bacteria with “good” bacteria.  They can also be used on your hard surfaces the same way and much more gentle for you, your surfaces and the environment.

Why Killing All The Germs Is Not a Good Idea….

The harsh chemicals and cleaning products we have always used are effective in killing ALL the germs and bacteria on a surface, the good and the bad.

This can have some bad side effects…

  • Studies indicate the overuse and misuse of agents that kill the good stuff could be contributing to the rise of highly resistant bacteria strains. If the product is not allowed to set long enough on the surface sometimes some bad bacteria are left behind and become resistant to future treatments (after all these are microscopic organisms, how do we know if we got all of them during the cleaning process?).
  • When good bacteria are removed during the cleaning process it gives the bad bacteria room to grow and multiply.

The best way to combat those armies of bad bacteria is by using a cleaning agent that gets rid of bad contaminants and leaves the beneficial bacteria.

We have just such a product!  Cure All is a probiotic infused, multi-purpose cleaner and stain remover.

A cleaning system that includes the effective removal of contaminants and leaves behind a microscopic layer of beneficial bacteria to consume future contaminants can be essential to healthy surfaces.

So How Does Cure All Actually Work?

This revolutionary enzyme based formula with a probiotic blend of “good”  bacteria provides a one-two punch to organic contaminants.  The enzymes quickly surround or encapsulate soils, stains or “bad” bacteria causing them to die and release from the surface through wiping and left behind is the probiotic blend that provides continued consumption of future contaminants.  Cure All’s formula will also break down odor and leave a fresh clean scent!


Tile♦Grout♦Natural Stone♦Engineered Stone♦Laminate Flooring


Call us today for a free estimate for a Cure-All treatment for all of the surfaces in your home, or click here to order your Cure-All product .

*Enzymes and/or Bacillus strains used as part of an effective surface cleaner are not anti-bacterial cleaning agents and The Grout Doctor®

makes no such claim.  Only the EPA may approve any cleaner making a claim as being “anti-bacterial”, and only after extensive and rigorous testing procedures.  The Grout Doctor® recommends using Cure All following the use of an anti-bacterial cleaner to restore and maintain the surface of good bacteria.