Five Top Reasons to Call The Grout Doctor®

Five Top Reasons to Call The Grout Doctor®

Jan 6, 2023 | Grout Tips | 0 comments


A list of the Five Top Reasons to Call The Grout Doctor®Today.

Five Top Reasons to Call The Grout Doctor®:

  1. You moved a piece of furniture and noticed the grout is a completely different color than the rest of your flooring. It is then you realize the “different” color is dirt and grime.

High traffic areas will show signs of use. A deep cleaning by one of our Grout Doctor professionals will restore your tiled area to its natural beauty and then sealing it will help keep it that way!

  1. The toothbrush you are using to scrub your shower floor is just not cutting it. No matter what methods you use to clean your shower floor, it remains discolored and now some of the grout seems to be missing!

Hard water, soap scum and regular use can cause your shower floor to discolor and scrubbing with a brush and harsh chemical can cause damage to your grout. After our deep cleaning service, we re-grout the areas where damage occurred and then color seal the entire shower for a fresh clean look!

  1. You have decided to sell your home and your Realtor conveys that your home will not show well because the tiled areas throughout your home are showing signs of age.

They say, “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses”, but if you are selling your home the last thing you want to do is sink money into a remodeling project. Before you list your home, call us for a free evaluation. We can restore and renew your tiled areas for much less the cost and work can be completed in less than one day! We help Realtors and sellers all over the country get more money for their listings!

  1. You just bought a home and the only germs you want to contend with are your own.

The one thing that does not leave with the previous owner is their germs! Before you occupy your new home call The Grout Doctor®! We will come clean, sanitize all your tiled and natural stone areas, and leave you with peace of mind that the only germs in your house will be your own!

  1. You just received a bonus from your employer and really want to spend it on a fabulous beach vacation in an exotic location but realize the responsible thing to do is to remodel your run down, outdated master bathroom.

Restore that master bathroom and have money left over to take that dream vacation! Remodel vs Renew? A regular dilemma our customers face. It is not necessary to endure the cost and mess related to remodeling a tiled area. Our restoration services can change the look and feel of a room saving you time, money and restoration is gentler on the environment.