Probiotics – Not Just For Humans Anymore

Probiotics – Not Just For Humans Anymore

Jan 6, 2023 | Grout Tips | 0 comments

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The new age of Cleaning – Learn how probiotic infused cleaning products can be an effective way to control harmful bacteria found on a surface by replacing them with good bacteria. Cleaners with a probiotic kick are essential in maintaining a healthy surface!

Humans and bacteria have co-existed together for thousands of years.  Many bacteria actually help us maintain a healthy and resistant immune system. This also holds true for many surfaces in your home.

The challenge has been maintaining the right balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria. Many of the anti-bacterial cleaning products available for use in our homes are very effective. In fact they can be so effective that they also often end up killing the less harmful, or “good” bacteria that our bodies actually need to keep up resistance.

Many recent studies seem to indicate that the overuse of agents that kill the good stuff could be contributing to the rise of highly resistant bacteria strains. If the product is not allowed to set long enough on the surface sometimes some bad bacteria can be left behind and become resistant to future treatments (after all, these are microscopic organisms, how do we know if we got all of them during the cleaning process?). Secondly, when the good bacteria is removed in the cleaning process it potentially gives the bad bacteria room to grow and multiply.

Probiotics are typically used to help us keep a healthy digestive system by replacing “bad” bacteria with “good” bacteria. A probiotic infused cleaning product will help in destroying the harmful contaminants that could be camping out on a surface and leave behind a microscopic layer of beneficial bacteria that will consume future contaminants.

The Grout Doctor®® has a product that contains a probiotic blend of “good” bacteria. Cure-All’s blend consists of enzymes and a special bacterial consortium design to provide a one-two punch to organic contaminants. Enzymes provide the initial and immediate kill while the bacterial blend provides continued consumption of future contaminants. Cure-All’s probiotic blend will also break down odor and leave a fresh clean scent.  All of the ingredients in this amazing cleaning formula are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Cure-All Is Safe And Effective For Almost Any Surface! Natural stone, ceramic tile, grout, porcelain, carpets and durable fabrics!! It is a power house in removing stains, even ones that have sat for 24 hours! We have been able to remove fruit juice stains from car seats, grease stains from cement, rust marks on caulk and grout, ketchup from an area rug, muddy foot prints and pet stains left in carpets even water based paint from paint brush bristles. This is definitely a multi-purpose, every day cleaner with a probiotic kick that should be used in place of any harsh cleaning products!

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We recommend testing in an inconspicuous area first and not recommended for delicate fabrics such as silk.

*Enzymes and/or bacillus strains used as part of an effective surface cleaner are not anti-bacterial cleaning agents and The Grout Doctor®® makes no such claim.  Only the EPA may approve any cleaner making a claim as being “anti-bacterial”, and only after extensive and rigorous testing procedures. The Grout Doctor®® does not suggest to use Cure-All in place of an anti-bacterial cleaner when appropriate.