Dirty Little Secrets 
(about Grout)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response and Customer Information

We are taking steps to adjust our business to the rapidly developing COVID 19 crisis. We are issuing a public statement because the health and safety of our network, staff, and customers is our utmost priority. You will be able to find updated information here as the crisis unfolds.

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5 Things To Consider Before Listing Your House

Guest Blogger Matt Lee shares pre-listing ideas to help you sell your home faster and for a higher sales price. Our favorite is cleaning and recoloring the grout in your bathroom! Such an inexpensive way to update your bathroom and give it a brand new look and feel!!

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Probiotics - Not Just For Humans Anymore

The new age of Cleaning - Learn how probiotic infused cleaning products can be an effective way to destroy harmful bacteria found on a surface by replacing them with good bacteria. Cleaners with a probiotic kick are essential in maintaining a healthy surface!

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