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Scandinavian Chic: Bringing A Touch Of Hygge To Your Bathroom

Scandinavian Tips and Tricks to elevate your Design.

Scandinavian Chic: Bringing A Touch Of Hygge To Your Bathroom


Planning a remodel of your bathroom this year? 

Planning a remodel of your bathroom this year? Adding a touch of Scandi style to your
bathroom is a great way to achieve new levels of serenity and comfort. Scandinavian style
features simplicity, utility, and beauty, making it a timeless classic in design choices. Natural
materials, personal accents, neutral colours, and clean lines are essentials if you want to
achieve the Scandinavian look in your bathroom.

Go white or other neutrals!

Scandinavian chic is all about light, airy space. Ditch the very bright bold colours and the
excessive opulence. Bring in white or other light neutral colours, like grey or beige. White is
a great choice to lighten up a bathroom space that is tiny. It makes everything feel bigger
and adds a certain calming appeal to the space.

Consider adding wood or wood effect accents.

Part of the Nordic charm is in their love of the rustic. They borrow heavily from a farmhouse
rustic chic style. “Including natural wood in your bathroom space is a must if you want to
achieve a Scandi stylish vibe in your bathroom” says Gary Leblanc, a design blogger at State
of writing
and Boom Essays . Uncover those natural wooden beams or add a feature wooden
wall. But wait! Wood in a bathroom sounds like it would be a bad idea with the water and
humidity. Go for wood effect planks and the even make tiles for your bathroom floor that
mimic wood, making wood in your bathroom a possibility.

Banish clutter from your bathroom space.

Scandi style is all about minimalist designs. There is absolutely zero room for clutter and
hoarding in your bathroom space. While you don’t have to sell all your possessions, the idea
is more being conscious and aware of what you need and what you do not. Throw away any
junk or things you no longer use. Make sure everything you keep has a home. Do not be
afraid to think outside of the box on storage solutions for your bathroom either.


Another staple in Scandinavian chic is a monochrome palette. White tiles, white tub, white
sink paired with black accents is so very minimalist and so very Scandi-chic. It has the cleanliness

and the simplicity that is loved by the Nordic. It is great choice for a minimalist oasis.

Add natural accents.

Another must for achieving a Scandinavian dream bathroom is choosing natural accents for
the space. Instead of modern storage units, look for rustic wooden cabinets or natural
rattan or jute storage baskets. A feature of Scandinavian style is being able to mix old with
the new, so using that old wooden stool you purchased at garage sale will look lovely. It also
adds functionality as a great place to store your towel and a cup of tea while you have that
nice, relaxing bath.

Bring in the outdoors.

One thing that you will find in a Scandinavian bathroom is lush greenery. Houseplants are a
must in any Scandi-chic bathroom. They add a touch of colour to a monochrome bathroom,
and just add to the overall cosiness and serenity of the space. In truth, you rarely will find a
Scandinavian home without houseplants. Due to the humidity and warmth, tropical plants
will do well in bathrooms. For added Scandi-chic, choose a canvas pot for your plants, tying
in those natural accents.

Add a pop of colour.

While simple monochrome designs are adored by Scandinavians, they also love bright pops
of colour in their spaces and the bathroom is no exception. “Pair white monochrome walls
with brightly coloured accents of your choice” explains Sarah Patterson, a lifestyle writer at
Lia Help and Essay Roo . A funky macrame wall hanging and matching plant pot in a bold
vibrant colour of your choice will feel Nordic inspired.

Add a little geometric glamour.

Simple is always best when it comes to the Scandi-chic style, however playing around with
small geometric shapes is definitely allowed. Hexagonal floor tiles in neutral tones work
perfectly in Scandinavian inspired bathrooms.
Scandinavian chic bathrooms are a great design choice for any home. They are sure to
transform your bathroom into a tranquil and cosy space to relax.


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