Professional Microshine

With advanced technology, Microshine’s specially designed film is engineered to resist even the toughest of stains. It’s like a protective shield for your surfaces, keeping them clean and sparkling with just one easy application. So say goodbye to endless scrubbing and hello to Microshine – the eco-friendly solution that saves you time, money, and a house call from the doctor.

But wait, there’s more! Microshine isn’t just a surface protector, it’s an all-in-one solution for your bathroom surfaces. With low VOCs and no fumes or smell, Microshine is a safe and healthy option for your home. Its anti-slip formula makes it ideal for use in showers and other wet areas, preventing any slip-ups in the hygiene department.

Application is a breeze, with floors being cured and ready for use in just one hour, while shower surfaces require only 24 hours to dry. Microshine uses cross-linking polymer technology to make the surface harder and more durable, like a shot of vitamins for your bathroom. And with its beautiful satin/clear finish, your surfaces will look brand new for longer, making you feel like you’ve been given a clean bill of health.

And the best part? Microshine is only available through The Grout Doctor®®, ensuring that you get the highest quality product for your home. So why suffer through another bathroom cleaning session? A layer of Microshine will give your bathroom the TLC it deserves.