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Our caulk replacement service/recaulking service includes:

  • The removal of old caulk.
  • Cleaning the area.
  • Installing new, waterproof caulk to protect your tiled areas.

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Caulk is a versatile and valuable waterproofing material that fills and seals joints between building materials. Caulk is typically made from a flexible polymer such as latex, silicone, or rubber. These materials are used because they are fully waterproof, can expand with temperature changes, and absorb vibrations well. Caulk is used to fill gaps, cracks, and seams in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom to prevent water from seeping underneath or behind a tiled room. When water gets into areas behind caulk, it causes damage in the form of mold and mildew, damaging leaks and causing the wood to swell, which can cause instability.

Water seepage not only causes damage to the area behind the tile, but it can also promote the growth of mold and mildew, especially in poorly ventilated areas. The caulk must be removed and installed correctly to create a waterproof seal. Areas where it is crucial that caulk is installed correctly include any place where the tiles change direction. Examples of this change in direction are where the tiles meet a bathtub, a shower threshold, around a soap dish or a recessed area in a shower wall, shower doors and fixtures, the base of a toilet, backsplashes, and around a sink installed in a countertop.

Caulk generally should last about five years. Normal wear and tear, harsh chemical cleaners, certain soaps, and incorrect installation will require the caulk to be removed and replaced at some point. Hard water is the common culprit in causing discoloration to caulk, which is another reason it may need to be replaced. Heavy scrubbing of caulked areas can also cause the loss of the waterproof seal allowing water to seep into the areas meant to stay dry.

Removing old and damaged caulk will help remove the mold and mildew growing on or behind the caulked areas. We ensure the area is clean and dry before reapplying the new caulk. The seal of the caulk is its most important function. Recaulking an area retaining moisture will prevent the caulk from creating a waterproof seal. Knowing when it is time to reapply the caulk is part of our expert recaulking service.

Replacing caulk (recaulking) can drastically improve or completely change the look of an existing tub, shower, sink, or backsplash! If you are a Realtor with a stale listing, a homeowner preparing your house to sell, or want to give your bathroom a fresh, clean feel, give us a call to replace your caulk! Estimates for our recaulking service are always free!

Tile Setting 101

We typically use silicone or silicone blended caulk with a mold and mildew barrier. While it is usually dry to the touch within an hour, we recommend giving the newly installed caulk at least 24 hours to set completely.