Repair & Regrouting

Make Your Tile Look Brand New!

Grout Repair and Regrouting is a cost-effective process to fix patches or larger areas of loose grout, damaged grout, cracked grout, stained grout, or missing grout. We can remove old, damaged grout and replace it with new grout in any tiled area. Schedule your Free Estimate to learn more about your specific grout repair and regrouting needs.

Grout is a thin mixture made from water, sand, and cement. It is used to fill in the space between tiles by creating a dense and water-resistant boundary. This keeps water from getting into places it should not include between your tiles.

Grout comes in 2 forms – sanded and unsanded. Sanded grout and unsanded grout are primarily made from cement. If you want to know what grout is installed in your tiled area, run your finger along the grout line. If it is smooth, then you have unsanded grout. If it is rough, then it is sanded grout. Unsanded grout should be used in grout lines less than 1/8 inch wide. Sanded grout should be used in grout lines wider than 1/8 inch wide. Unsanded grout is typically used in showers stalls, bathtub surrounds, and countertops and can also be used in flooring. Sanded grout is generally used in areas with heavier use and higher traffic, such as kitchen floors, entryways, and fireplaces. Both forms of grout can be repaired and regrouted.

Grout can last many years if installed correctly, appropriately sealed, and periodically maintained. However, if the grout was not sealed, not sealed correctly, or was not good to begin with, it will not last nearly as long. It is best to stay ahead of the problem before it becomes a crisis! Daily use will also shorten the life of grout due to exposure to water, soap, dirt, and cleaning chemicals.

Old grout, damaged grout, cracked grout, or missing grout makes the most beautiful tile look ugly. It can also lead to broken tiles, chipped tiles, or loose tiles, which can cause mold and mildew to build up and damage the area behind or underneath your tile. This can cause significant structural damage to a home, which can be quite costly to repair. Choosing Grout Repair or a complete regrouting is just a fraction of the cost of replacing the tile but will have a dynamic effect on the look, feel, and overall presentation.


Grout Repair and Regrouting can often be completed in just a few hours and will give new life to a tired room. Click or call today for your free estimate!

We also offer Grout Sealing that can be completed after your Grout Repair and Regrouting are completed. Visit our Grout Sealing service page to learn more.