Grout Doctor Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

Grout Doctor Neutral Cleaner Concentrate


Why a Neutral Cleaner?

When cleaning natural stone surfaces, choosing the right products is crucial. Avoid alkaline and acidic-based cleaners that can cause etching and discoloration, leading to a loss of luster and a vulnerable surface. Instead, opt for a pH balanced cleaner, which is safe for use on both sealed and unsealed surfaces.

Our premium Neutral Cleaner Concentrate is expertly formulated to cater specifically to the cleaning needs of ceramic tile, porcelain, and natural stone surfaces. It excels in General Maintenance cleaning tasks, serving as a powerful degreaser while being the optimal choice for a post-deep cleaning rinse.

Benefits Include:

  • Safe for all surfaces: Our neutral cleaner is suitable for most sealed and unsealed surfaces, ensuring protection and maintaining their beauty.
  • Effective cleaning: Designed to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks, leaving your surfaces spotless and gleaming.
  • Environmentally friendly: Our low-vapor formula contains no harsh chemicals, making it safe for both your surfaces and the environment.
  • Concentrated form: Highly concentrated for maximum efficiency, dilute as per instructions on the bottle to get the most out of each bottle.
  • Recommended by professionals: Our Neutral Cleaner Concentrate is the top choice of our Grout Doctor after providing their expert services.

With our premium Neutral Cleaner Concentrate, you can confidently clean your natural stone surfaces, knowing they are in safe hands. Experience unmatched cleanliness and protection with every use.

Recommended product for maintenance after a Grout Doctor professional service has been performed.

All products proudly created, manufactured and distributed from the USA.

Sold in one quart bottles.
(One quart concentrate will clean 32-64 1,000 square foot floors).


1 review for Grout Doctor Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

  1. Amanda S Roberts

    Favorite Cleaner For EVERYTHING
    We use this product everywhere and on everything in our home. Floors, showers, countertops, everywhere. It smells great, works great and is very easy to use. It’s also incredibly inexpensive given the small amount used per cleaning. I use 2 Oz per gallon of water.

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