Feb 2024 Cleaning Blog Entry

Feb 2024 Cleaning Blog Entry

Feb 26, 2024 | Grout Tips | 0 comments

Woman smiling while cleaning window with sponge.

Did you know that the cleaning regime you have for your glass surfaces may be making your glass attract more build up?  Some glass surfaces, particularly shower doors, will seem like they are impossible to clean.  The cause? Believe it or not, it is usually due to soap and soap-based cleaners.  Hard water, even water softeners prevent soap from cleaning and dissolving.  Instead, the soap bonds with the other minerals in the water to form a film that sticks to the glass.  The mineral content in the water becomes evident as deposits or scale that appears cannot be cleaned.

The most effective way to avoid permanent damage from soap and other mineral build-up is to reduce contact with hard water.  Many turn to water filtration systems or water conditioners to reduce the minerality in the water.  However, water softeners can actually add more minerals to the water by way of salt which can be just as damaging to your glass.

Here are some essential tips for cleaning glass:

While cleaning is not fun, it is necessary, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

So, what is the solution? It may be time to try something different, maybe an effective, tried and tested method that takes the pain out of cleaning glass surfaces.  Here is what we suggest:

  1. Protect Your Glass!

Surfaces treated with a temporary or even permanent coating will create a barrier whereby oils and contaminants are prevented from soaking into the surface, instead they will bead up on top of the protection itself.  This layer pf protective will also make future cleaning a breeze as contaminants will not be able to get past the barrier.   Grout Doctor Shower Clear is our answer to the build up that can occur on your glass surfaces.  This advanced surface care technology combines a cleaner and protection in one easy solution.  Our unique formula cleans away dirt, soap scum residue, mold, mildew and hard water stains to leave behind a protective barrier to keep them away.  The invisible shield improves appearances and is much gentler on your surfaces as you will no longer need harsh cleaners.!  As a bonus, our Shower Clear works on ceramic, porcelain and glass!


For a more permanent solution, call your local Grout Doctor to discuss an application of Enduroshield, a long lasting coating designed to keep your glass surfaces protected.


  1. Create an Eco-Friendly  Cleaning Caddy.

Having a cleaning caddy on hand when it is time to clean is a real time saver.  Get yourself a bucket or caddy, something with a handle so it is easy to take to other areas of your home.  These are the must haves for a handy cleaning kit:

  • SHOWER CLEAR or WHITE VINEGAR – use full strength or dilute as needed.
  • DIY CLEANING SPRAY – Mix a solution of white vinegar (1 part) and water (4 parts) in a spray bottle with a drop of dish soap. Shake well before using.
  • MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS – Invest in lint free, professional grade microfiber cloths for best results.
  • Squeegee – A squeegee with a soft rubber blade is a must. Good quality rubber will ensure a streak free finish that will not abrade the glass or protective coating.
  • Magic Eraser – Use in conjunction with a cleaning solution or a limescale remover such as CLR.


  1. Utilize a Simple, Regular Cleaning Routine

Cleaning regularly with a gentle cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth is one of the most effective, non-toxic, eco friendly ways to remove stains and build up on glass.  Spray the cleaner or the DIY solution onto the glass and firmly wipe down with a microfiber towel, rinse and dry.  It is best to rinse and dry thoroughly after cleaning to remove any residue.


A rinse and a squeegee after each use to remove excess soap and water will help water spots from forming.  If it has been a little while since you have cleaned, especially in areas with hard water or on salt exposed glass, use a Magic Eraser or CLR.